Academic voices during the pandemic

"COVID-19 certainly made me reevaluate my choices". We asked over 100 researchers and scientists from all over the globe about how they are dealing with the pandemic situation.


The pandemic has been a challenge for almost everybody. Cancelled conferences, field trips, experiments, suspended research, travel and visa restrictions, bad job prospects and no childcare, are just some of the problems  academics have faced since March.

While the virus highlighted  problems in our society and probably made the work-life balance, especially for scientists with children, even more challenging , it also marked  a  time of  change. Quick solutions for a more digitalized world, e.g. with new online formats for scientific debates or movie screenings were found, people discovered how useful science communication is, supportive communities formed and life choices were  reevaluated.

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Survey with researchers
About the author

Julia T. Scho holds a PhD in German Studies and has lived and worked in the USA for several years. She knows about the challenges of researchers returning to Germany from her own experience.

Also, she was part of the GSO Team and managed our funding programs as well as supported us by creating new content for our Career Resources.

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