CV/application portfolio check

We work with you to optimize your CV for employers in science, business and/or other sectors. If you already have a specific job in mind, we help you write a persuasive cover letter.

Price: 30€ (CV check) / 50€ (complete application portfolio)

Scope: 30-45-minute conversation via Zoom or phone

Career advice

If you are a postdoctoral researcher working abroad, you can benefit from our free, personal advisory session (up to 30 mins). We can answer questions related to the following topics:

GSO Workshops
  • What is the right career path for me?
  • What is important to me?
  • What is the next step I should take?

If you are already in Germany or are seeking more in-depth advice, we are happy to connect you with experts & coaches from our network.

Especially, when it comes to legal questions, we suggest a membership in The German Association of University Professors and Lecturers (Deutscher Hochschulverband, in short DHV).

“After living abroad for more than a decade and after our most recent stay in the USA, my husband and I decided to move back to Germany. Without a network in Germany, finding a job was very challenging. A friend recommended the GSO and I reached out for advice on the application process, documents, and the market situation. Not only did the GSO help me with the process, e.g. reviewing my CV and cover letter, but they were always there for me and genuinely cared about my situation. It is a very special organization with wonderful people, who were an essential element in starting my career in Germany.”
Dr. Silvia Keppler
"I am an academic from the USA, who decided to move to Berlin with my family. That was challenging enough but I also began searching for non-academic jobs, and I needed all the advice I could get. This is when I reached out to the GSO, who provided very helpful advice and context to my job search. They helped me to revamp my CV, develop some new strategies, and referred me to some new contacts. I gained a new perspective on the entire process and was better able to see how finding a job in Germany differs from doing so in my native country. While my job search was neither quick nor easy, it would have been more difficult and less manageable without the help of the GSO."
Jeffrey Wolf, PhD
"Making my way to the United States for my 2‐year postdoc visit was an easy transition. Trying to go back to Germany was more challenging. I needed to find and apply for a job without an idea on where to start searching and how the German system works. Attending the GSO Fit for Germany-Workshop helped me to get a good overview over the academic landscape and where to start. Once I found a great job posting I reached out to the GSO for advice on my application package. They took the time to go over all my documents and helped me to tailor my CV and cover letter which eventually got me the job. The support and encouragement from the GSO guided me through the whole process from the start to the finish line and was instrumental for my success."
Dr. Bettina Hieronimus
"I did a post‐doc in the US when I came in touch with GSO at a networking conference. GSO supported me for job applications back home in Germany. There have been a lot of generous efforts, e.g., in revamping CV and the application letter, and also in simply motivating me to keep on the academic track. I was really impressed by the enthusiasm of the GSO team. Thank you so much!"
Dr. Christoph Rosche