Klaus Tschira Boost Fund

The Klaus Tschira Boost Fund promotes researchers in the Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Sciences by providing flexible funding for independent, higher risk, interdisciplinary projects as well as support for the individual’s career planning.

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy enables researchers abroad to advance their professional and personal development, expand their networks in Germany and identify career paths in science, business and other sectors.

Regenscheit, Universität Stuttgart

Repatriation Program

The GSO/CZS Repatriation Program helps universities in Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Thuringia to hold their own in the global contest for excellent researchers. Funding supports professorial appointments in the STEM subjects and Business Administration.

Dr. Wilhelmy-GSO Travel Expenses Program

The Dr. Wilhelmy-GSO Travel Expenses Program enables universities to invite applicants from abroad to job interviews in Germany. It covers the travel expenses of candidates in STEM subjects

AlumNode STEM Conference Ghana


In cooperation with the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation we offer our program alumni an interdisciplinary, intersectoral network of committed researchers.