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Career Perspectives in Science

Ph.D., habilitation, and subsequent professorship? What does an academic career in Germany look like? We show you an overview of the career paths in the German science system.

For long-term security in the German science system, the career goal in most cases is the professorship.

For this, you should orientate yourselves already in time (more also in our article on career strategy). At the latest after two to three years in the postdoc phase, you should decide whether you want to stay in academia (i.e., in research) in the long term – then it is important to set the course accordingly.

The time after the Ph.D. must be used as a qualification phase, which can vary depending on the subject and research focus.
Depending on the subject and research focus, this can look different. Habilitation, junior professorship, leading a research group? There are now many ways to meet the requirements for an appointment to a professorship.
You can find more information and valuable tips in our webinar »Professorship as a career goal« with Prof. Dr. iur. Hubert Detmer from the German University Association (DHV).

Another interesting career option for scientists with a doctorate is a professorship at a university of applied sciences. Here, several years of professional experience outside the university are a prerequisite.

But not all scientists with a doctorate pursue the goal of an academic career. Whether in the field of science management or the non-academic job market – the career opportunities are diverse.


Further information can be found on the German University Association (DHV) website German University Association (DHV) and at Research in Germany.