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Young Entrepreneurs in Science (YES)

Are you interested in taking your doctoral studies to the next level, expanding your presentation skills, or developing a start-up idea with other PhDs and postdocs? Then Young Entrepreneurs in Science is right for you!

How much startup is in your PhD?

GSO became recently a partner in the BMBF-funded initiative “Young Entrepreneurs in Science” (YES) of the Falling Walls Foundation gGmbH Berlin. It encourages doctoral candidates and postdocs of all disciplines at German universities and research institutions to discover their entrepreneurial potential via interactive online and offline formats.

YES’ vision is to stimulate cultural change towards more decisiveness and entrepreneurial desire among doctoral candidates, postdocs, and their supervisors, thus, in academia as a whole.

From PhD to Innovator

Through learning methods such as Design Thinking, participants are encouraged to discover and share their inherent competencies and potentials.

In fact, the competencies required to obtain a PhD are similar to that of an entrepreneur, such as working passionately and persistently on a topic as well as finding unique solutions for difficult problems.

“Our workshops create awareness, give initial impulses and teach how to play with ideas. They are playful, interactive and free of charge.”
Svenja Prigge, Communication Manager, Young Entrepreneurs in Science

Apply for Participation

Develop your personal skills and potential in workshops of various formats and lenghts. By using practical methods and tools, you will learn new things about yourself and the many opportunities available to translate your skills into concrete business ideas.

Are you interested in joining a workshop or a seminar by YES? Then check out the curriculum and upcoming events below: