GSO Workshops


If you are a postdoctoral researcher working abroad, you can benefit from our free, personal advisory session (up to 30 mins).

If you are already in Germany or are you seeking more intensive advice, take a look at our various advisory packages.

Especially, when it comes to legal questions, we suggest a membership in The German Association of University Professors and Lecturers (Deutscher Hochschulverband, in short DHV).

Virtueller Stammtisch mit unseren Fellows, 2020

Webinars & Online Events

We connect researchers and scholars with peers and experts at events – also in virtual meetings. There, we provide information on career prospects, and occasionally alsohave interactive impro sessions.

Our events are usually held in German. Register for our newsletter and we’ll keep you posted We look forward to meeting you!

Career Resources

In our category “Career Resoures” you will find articles, webinars, Peer Stories, expert interviews and tools for your career path – no matter if you want to stay in academia or go beyond!

Let us know what you need: We are happy to receive your ideas and questions for your topic of interest. Tell us what needs to be discussed and we offer the answers to you.

Regular meet-ups

Cheers to careers! At our regular meet-ups for researchers, you can informally connect and share ideas and experiences with other German-speaking researchers in your area.

Together with the German Academic International Network (GAIN) we support and mentor the researcher meet-ups.