Career Real Talk for Researchers

Our conference will help you to

  • envision a clearer path towards future success,
  • manage expectations about immediate next steps, and
  • make your voice heard.

While the topics are relevant for researchers everywhere, we will focus on the German research system. We welcome registrations by researchers of all disciplines, who already (or almost) hold a PhD including postdocs, (new) group leaders and professors. Other leaders and experts in academia can also join.

You can attend either on one or both days – it’s free!

Agenda & Registration

DAY 1: June, 16 | 3:00 – 7:00pm CEST

3:00pm – Opening-Session

We will have an honest conversation with our guests about career myths and challenges, good and bad advice, hands-on tips and their ideas for a better system.

4:45pm – Community Exchange

  1. Myth busting: What to expect as a (new) Group Leader/Professor (in the German system)
  2. Myth busting: Grants & Publications
  3. Myth busting: Careers beyond Academia

6:30pm – Wrap-up


DAY 2: June, 17 | 3:00 – 5:30pm CEST

3:00pm – Community Exchange

3:30pm –

  1. Dealing with Discrimination & Power Abuse
  2. Good Mentorship: Finding Mentors, being a Mentor
  3. Navigating Politics as a new Group leader/Professor (focus Germany)

5:00pm – Wrap-up / Lessons Learned


Want more details? Here is our full agenda:

Honest exchange with peers and experts

Our speakers are peers and experts who know about the challenges of the (German) academic system first-hand. They will openly share their experiences and learnings, and are also there to listen to your ideas and suggestions.

We hope to create a competition-free safe space with and for people who need some real talk.

Learn more about the background of our speakers here:


Register now

You can register for both days or just one conference day.

DAY 1, June, 16 – 3:00-7:00pm – Open sessions for everybody interested

Our main target group are postdocs and professors/group leaders at an early stage.

Research managers, PhD candidates and more advanced researchers are also welcome.


DAY 2, June, 17 – 3:00pm-5:30pm – In-depth sessions in small groups

Sessions have a limit of 25 participants each. If there are more registrations than slots, we might have to choose participants based on their answers and background.

Please make sure you are able to (actively) particpate once you are successfully registered or cancel your registration, so someone else can take part.

Want someone else to join?

Share the good news through Twitter and LinkedIn and let your peers participate, too!

Our Partners

The tbh-conference is made possible by funding from the foundation Klaus Tschira Stiftung.

The idea is supported by Max Planck Society.

Our media partner is Elephant in the Lab.


The German Scholars Organization (GSO) has been supporting researchers who want to build a career in Germany for 20 years. Our mission is to empower researchers to use their full potential despite a system full of challenges.