Module 1: Career options for researchers

We provide an overview of career prospects for researchers in the academic and non-academic field. We introduce options in science, business, science management and the non-profit sector and give examples of career paths.

We are happy to invite guests from our network as role models and experts to share their experience with you.

Module 2: Developing a career strategy

What can I do and what do I want?
We use practical exercises to develop strengths, competencies and values which help researchers make and implement career decisions.

We help identify and communicate transferable skills and give advice on networking and authentic self-marketing strategies.

We then define the next concrete steps in implementing individual career goals.

Module 3: Application strategies

We optimize application portfolios to address employers in science, business and other sectors. We point out the differences between scientific and non-scientific CVs.

Together with the participants, we analyze job offers and offer advice on preparing a persuasive cover letter and CV.

Upon request, we hold individual consultations, either during the workshop or subsequently on a one-to-one basis.

We, Anne Schreiter and Marieke Üzüm, know what researchers need from our own experience. In our training we utilize interactive formats and innovative methods.

We both transitioned from academia to research management and the nonprofit sector; Anne Schreiter also moved from the US back to Germany. In this process, we learned what works and what doesn’t.

Additionally, Marieke Üzüm finished advanced trainings in career coaching and Anne Schreiter is a certified systemic coach and advisor (ECA). We are part of a multi-sector network and will find answers for and in cooperation with the workshop participants.

Depending on topic and scope, we invite experts from our network to contribute to the training sessions.

Marieke Üzüm, Ph.D.
Director Of Student Affairs at Kuehne Logistics University
Anne Schreiter, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Workshops (remote & live)


„Identifiying Personal Resources and Goals“ and „Building your Career Strategy“, Hector Academy

„Karrierestrategien für Wissenschaftler*innen“ // „Netzwerke & Sichtbarkeit“, RKI

CV Checks at the Career Day Humboldt Universität Berlin

„Karrierestrategien für Wissenschaftler*innen“, Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin (BauA)

ZEIT Workshop „Internationale Rekrutierung von Wissenschaftler*innen“, since 2020

Workshop “Karrierewege für Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaftler*innen“ für die Graduate Academy Jena

„How to build your career strategy and find your strengths as a female researcher”, Uni Bielefeld

„Discover and Communicate your skills and strengths“, iScientist

GAIN Conference, since 2016

„How to Build Your Career Strategy as a Researcher“, Leibniz Association