»GSO ensures that scientific talents who would like to do research and work in Germany receive professional advice and access to networks. GSO is majorly engaged and successful in this area, as is its innovative approach.«
Prof. Dr. Heike Graßmann, Administrative Director of MDC and Administrative Vice-President of the Helmholtz Association
»The mission of GSO makes a difference! The encouragement to be confident in one's own skills is truly empowering.«
Dr. Bettina Hieronimus, Researcher at Max Rubner-Institute, Karlsruhe, Germany
»I believe that the GSO‘s mission to gain a deeper understanding of international brain circulation and to translate this knowledge into programs and individual support is timely and important.«
Daniel H. Wagner, Network Development German-American Fulbright Commission
»I’m really impressed by GSO’s innovative programs, the way they facilitate interdisciplinary networking and that they are so dynamically close to the realities of young researchers’ working and private lives.«
Dr. Marcel Pawlowski, Schwarzschild Fellow at Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP)

We ADVISE researchers independently and on an equal footing on career questions; we CONNECT peers and experts in all sectors and, together with our funding partners, PROMOTE them through programs that help to ensure that researchers can operate effectively within society.

Virtueller Stammtisch mit unseren Fellows, 2020