1: Inspiration & Advice

Transitioning from academia to another sector can be challenging: Where can I find inspiration and what’s behind certain job titles? How do my skills translate to a job in the business sector? What should I know about application processes?

Professionals with an academic background from our HiddenChamps program helped you to find answers.

The webinar took place on July 27, 2023.


We started off with an input on potential steps of your career strategy before splitting into smaller groups. There our guests provided insights about career opportunities for academics in their companies, talked about their company culture, and discussed job postings in the industry sector.

Here are our guests’ main takeaways:

Seher Abbas advocates making the job description your friend – relate your skills and everything you accomplished to that, like a checklist.

Jochen Büscher and Sang-Kyun Park (KWS Group) emphasized that the job ad is more of a wish list for companies – don’t be shy even if you don’t meet all the criteria. Researchers in particular bring a lot of transferable skills to the table.

Mauricio Toro-Nahuelpan (Santiago Advisors) said that the fit is important – find out if the values of the company align with yours. When transitioning from academia, we often just want to get a job, but remember it’s a two-way street and you can and should ask potential employers tough questions or those that are important to you.

2: Job Titles & Job Profiles in Life Sciences

Life Sciences are a broad field and finding a job outside of academia can be twice as challenging: What areas of work are there? What should I know about the job titles? Where can I find inspiration?

Together with btS (Life Sciences Studierendeninitiative e.V.), we connected you with professionals with academic backgrounds in Life Sciences from our HiddenChamps program.

We introduced you to exciting job profiles and titles. Our guests gave you exclusive insights into their working life.

The webinar took place on Thursday, November 16, 2023.


This time, we started with input on working areas beyond academia and an overview of potential jobs for life scientists in the private sector.

Our guests gave the participants important career advice:

Thomas Gerland advocated outlining in your application that you have the skills to fulfill the tasks. If you are passionate about something, find a way to show it.

Sabine Zips encouraged “Dare to try!” – you only know if you like the job once you’ve tried it! Her colleague José Maria Pfizer agreed. You have the opportunity to complete a trial day at their company. You can find more information on our HiddenChamp presentation of BOEHMTERT & BOEHMERT.

Are you interested in our HiddenChamps webinars or do you have questions about it? Feel free to contact me.

Kübra Kananathan
Projekt- und Communitymanagerin