How to Avoid Rejections Due to Language Mistakes

Practical tips for researchers how to improve their academic writing skills by understanding the importance of editing and proofreading - and a glimpse into building a career strategy.

What is this webinar session about?

Desk rejection due to poor language is a critical impediment to successful publication in established journals. Authors must ensure that each section of their manuscript has excellent readability and clarity with minimum or no inconsistency.

Tony O’Rourke has more than 30 years of experience in the scientific, technical, and medical (STM) publishing/scholarly communication sector.

He shares in this webinar practical tips with researchers to improve their academic writing skills and helps them understand the importance of editing and proofreading before submission.

Further, Dr. Anne Schreiter (Executive Director, German Scholars Organization) explains how researchers can build a prolific career in Germany.


You can watch the recorded webinar “How to Avoid Rejections Due to Language Mistakes” anytime now. Just register for free on the Enago webpage and you will be launched automaticly into the session.


Who is it for and what will you learn about academic writing?

If you are ESL researcher (English as a second language), graduate student, doctoral researcher or postdoctoral researcher this on-demand webinar is really helpful.


Session Agenda:

  • Brief overview of how to build a career strategy as framework for you research story
  • Overview of common language and grammar mistakes made by ESL researchers
  • Importance of good English writing skills—fluency, clarity, and readability
  • Application of English grammar in academic writing
  • Importance of high-level academic editing by professional editors
  • How Enago services can help researchers polish their manuscript and submit it successfully

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